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2008 July's River Dish


Now as you all know, Summer is in full swing around the river. And July really is the best of the best for this time of year. It's a month that starts with a bang and ends with a grrr. So shall we just jump into all the fun things that make this month so much fun.

Big Bang Beginning
First we have the 4th of July fireworks around the area. On the 5th we have the Monte Rio Water Parade and fireworks display. Now I hope this year we aren't going to have a Viking ship with a gorilla that catches fire and forces all to abandon ship mid way through the parade. I'm not making that up, it did really happen. After the parade, they spray water off the bridge for the water curtain and slide show and then end the night with a great fireworks display.

Sunday July 6th is the day and night to be around town in Guerneville. We start the afternoon with a great pool party at the RRR. Now we all know that I'm not one to blow my own horn (and hey if you believe that one, I think I have some ocean front property in Arizona you may be interested in...) but this pool party from noon to five is my 36th birthday! So come over for my T Dance and end the night with that BANG that we all have been working so hard to make sure happens. Also at the same time there is a craft fair in the downtown plaza and a BBQ in the Larks Drug parking lot with free live music. As a side note, I want to thank the gang at the Rainbow Cattle Company and Valerie for hosting a fund raiser for this night, also all the work of Lew and Sandy Brown and many other people whom I don't know. It's an amazing community we live and play in when we can pull together and make the annual fireworks display come off each year. So to sum it up, the pool at the RRR (Corner of 4th and Mill) is the place to be and perfect spot to enjoy the fireworks.

More 4 the 4th and More<
Now just so you don't think that the fireworks are the only thing going on at the RRR the 4th weekend, let me let you in on the other events going on around the resort. Friday July 4th we have DJ Pinky Ring spinning around the pool from noon to five. Starting that evening and running though the 5th San Francisco's Cabaret favorite “Kitten on the Keys” returns. And performing with her is the talented Visantos performing live. Now this show has no cover other than the two drink minimum. If you happened to have missed Kitten the last time she was here, you really should make it out for this one. On the 5th, we have the resident DJ “JFX” spinning around the pool from noon to five. That evening is one heck of a show. The RRR welcome back Atlantis cruises favorite comedian Shann Carr. “She's witty, she's the gay man's Wesbian!” with Miss Tranyshack Precious Moments and special drag diva guests starting at 9 pm on the main stage. On the 12th we have another fabulous funny woman ”The Italian Floozy” Cheril Vendetti also at 9 pm on the main stage.

Shameless Plug
Now just so you don't think I only talk about the RRR, I need to say a few things about some other the other wonderful businesses around town. Have you had a chance to enjoy an iced latte in the new garden space over at Coffee Bazaar? If you haven't you should really think about heading down there and doing so. (Job security plug taken care of for the month, YAY!) Oh and speaking of garden space, how about the new space over at Sonoma Nesting Company? It's a great and beautiful addition to the down town plaza.

Sad…but 50% OFF!
Now I do have some bad news, one of the best little stores in town is closing. Memories the Linger is in the process of liquidating their inventory. The not so bad news with this is that everything in the store is 50% off. Now this sale is going on until it's all gone, so you may want to head in to the store as soon as possible.

It’s About Time
On another exciting note, as I mentioned last month and you would have had to be hiding under a rock not to have heard about the fact that California is now doing fully supportive of marriage equality. So many of our local resorts are offering honeymoon packages, wedding services and all that goes along with this joyous occasion. Of special note is my good friend the Reverend Brown. He is an amazing personal friend of mine (the fact that I have friends is quit amazing in some ways... just kidding.) If anyone is interested in having a pan-cultural wedding service; a traditional wine country wedding or something edgier he is the man to talk to. Check him out on line at

On to the regularly scheduled event of the month that is anything but regular…the monthly BINGO with The Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The theme for July is Big Bang BINGO. Now as you know if you show up at 6 pm when the doors open you may not be able to get a seat. And I really want to thank the Sisters for this event, each month they give back so much monetary support for the community with this event. Oh and when you are there, make sure to pop into the kitchen and get an iced coffee with me. Finally we really should tell Sister Frances A. Sissy that she's so pretty. This game is on the usual night (the second Saturday of the month) July 12th. The price for playing is $15 for one set of cards and for an extra $5 you can double your chances of wining with a second set. And just because I told her I'd mention it, Sister Barbi Mitzvah would like to let her fans out here at the River know that the San Francisco order (on line at has started back up with BINGO in the city. Check out the web page for more information.

Shameless Gush
And finally let’s get to the GRRRR of the month. Lazy Bear Weekend will be upon us July 30th through August 4th. It is always hard for me not to gush about the bears. I just love big guys who are just out to have a good time. (I promised myself this year I wouldn't use that tired line “I just love being able to go out during LBW and feel like the pretty skinny thing...” So I will not type it really.) With so many events, many of them still in the works at press time I'm not going into many of them. But I will say that the gifted illusionist Mark Alan Smith (and yes that is his real voice) will be performing for his second consecutive year at the Under the Stars show at the RRR. Get your tickets early for this show on August 2nd. It is expected to sell out. is the web space to check out for all the details for this event.

Now I just need to again thank our amazing community for stepping up to the plate, stuffing the collection buckets around town and making the 4th of July weekend happen. Until next month, have some fun in the sun. I'm sure I'll see you at many of the events around town!

As always feel free to send any questions dishy and swishy about the River community to And tune into We the People Radio on KGGV 95.1 LPFM The Bridge all but the 4th Sunday of the month at 9 pm for an hour of news commentary, events listing or just my chatting about what's going on around Guerneville California.une 7th is the day for this event at the Guerneville Community Church 14520 Armstrong Woods Road.

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