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December 2010

The Holidays are here. I love many things about this time of year. Not just the events of course, but the fact that we all seem to take the time to slow down, pay attention to our families and community. December is such a wonderful time of year and I for one look forward to 2011.

Now of course we start off the month with all the Holiday events around the Parade of Lights, but that is by no means the sum total of the Seasonal Events. I want to start off with Christmas Day. Every year it is of course a tradition here in town that we do the Community Holiday Dinner. I personally want to make sure that everyone knows to thank Sister Claire Voyante of the Russian River Sisters and Leslyn with TJ's Restaurant (and myself but I try and not blow my own horn to much really...) for all the work that they put in year round to pull off this event. It's such a great time and good food. On Christmas Day from Noon to Four at the Gurneville  Vets Hall.

Also on that day, we are contuining the tradition of the Cleberty Bar Tenders Marathon. But it is now at a new venue. Over at Mc. T's the Bull Pen (located at 16246 First Street) or you can check out their web page at Now this event is the same as it always has been. From Noon to Midnight, it's all about raising money for a handful of great groups. This year we are benefiting River to Coast Child Services, The Russia River Sisters, The Russian River Senior Center and our local low power station KGGV 95.1 LP FM The Bridge. So how it works is a pair of local celberties takes a thirty minute shift, make us drinks and donates the tips from the shift into the kitty. Now of course many people who do this want to be the largest shift, so they actually collect money in advance. Anyway, so if you feel like you are a Celbertie (and you know you are!) come on in and sign up for shift. It's so much fun and a great cause. If you have questions, drop me a line at my email or call me at 707-703-2374.

Now as I usually do, I want to talk for a bit around local gifts that you may want to think about. First off you should think about stoping in at our Chamber Visters Center off the Plaza in town. They have some great posters fit for framing that would make great gifts. And you can also pick up some fun shirt and things from the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festivale. Now right next door is the Russian River Art Galary. They represent some truly amazing local artists and well worth checking out.

Another local business I want to make a point of talking about is Twice Told Books. I love bookstores and used books are so much fun also. One really should take the time to stop in, look around and say hello to the new owner Bill. Such a great addition to our little community here in town and feel free to tell him Mz. Alice Dee sent ya.

Of course anyone who reads this space every month knows I'm a big fan of shopping local and keeping our local shops going. So of course keep an eye on our main street business and do take the time to browse through River Reader, The 5 and 10, Etc. Etc., The Mercentile, John Rizzi Glass Works, Rainbow Fabrics and all the other merchant around. Take a look at for information on more businesses than I have space to talk about.

Now for my personal shameless self promotion. I want to let everyone know that through the end of the year, I'm doing a special price at Creation Salon. All hour treatments are specail priced at $60. That means that if you want a 60 minute facial, a back facial, a 30/30 (30 minute massage and 30 minute facial) or a massage it's all $60.00 But wait, there is more. If you want to give the gift of touch, I will also extend this price for any gift certificates sold through the month of December. Take a look at the salons website at or call us at 707-869-2069

Well now keep in mind how much fun New Years is going to be. Please though, if you are kicking up your heals in town, get a room or call either of our local cab operators (Bills Taxi at 707-869-2177 and Monte Rio Taxi at 707-849-6802). I hope to see all my friends ringing in the New Year safe and not with a DUI.  Just saying, but it's not worth risking your life and the life of others.

So that's my story for the final issue of 2010. I look forward to next year and having a great New Year. Tune into my radio show every Sunday but the fourth of the month on KGGV 95.1 LP FM. And hey if have fan mail or want to tell me about a great event for the spring, drop mea line at

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