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November 2010

November starts the holiday season for many of us here on the river. But before getting into the great events for November, I just wanted to send a quick thanks to the crew at Bucks. They were kind enough to host the kick off for the Progressive Community Halloween Contest, and it was a great event. (Though the Rainbow Cattle Company, The Bullpen and Trio were pretty darn cool also.)

Anyway, it wouldn't be the Holidays without a toy drive. And in the style that Mama's Family always does we are kicking off the drive this year here on the river with a Give Back Tuesday at the Rainbow Cattle Company. Located at 16220 Main Street. On November 9 from 6 to 8 pm it's all about the kids. With a Silent Auction, raffle prizes an of course food. And as always ten percent of the days bar totals go towards the benefit. As “Mama's River Dish” I am always proud to talk about any of the great events that the family does here in Guerneville, and I expect this one to be great. For more information on Mama's Family, feel free to take a look at

Now the big excitement in November in my book is Thanksgiving day. Now if your like me, you don't do the holidays with your biological family. Not saying anything bad about my family, but first they are in Salt Lake City and I don't like the snow and hate flying. So I usually do this day with my chosen family here on the River. This year my good friends and family who usually host Turkey Day are going to be down south, so I've been looking around at local restaurants. I'm planing on joining Chef Patrick for dinner on the 25th. I love his price point and quality of food. They are located at 16337 Main Street in Guerneville. But you should know he's not the only place that is going to be open for dinner. Also in Guerneville, Applewood Inn located at 13555 Highway 116 will be open. And of course Coffee Bazaar at 14045 Armstrong Woods Road will be open with limited hours (8am to 6 pm) for all your coffee and light food needs. Even if just to escape the house for a few minutes.

But if you want to get out of town, head out to Monte Rio and visit The Village Inn at 20822 River Boulevard. One of my favorite places in that area. They also do great holiday events for small to mid sized groups. Call them at 707-865-2304 for more information.  And just a bit further up the road is Duncan Mills. Cafe Fear does a great set menu for Thanksgiving. They are located at 25191 Main Street . Call them at 707-865-2659 for reservations. Though this is just my personal favorites, it is by no means everyone who is open for the Holiday. Check out for a more complete listing of dining options.

Then we move into the first bit of December. Now there are a couple of fun events that I want to talk about. First on Thursday December 2 is the Merchant Open House and Tree Lighting Ceremony in Guerneville. From 5 to 9 pm it's all about a good time in town and checking out all the good food and fun shopping along Main Street. Friday December 3rd is the Holiday Price and Princes Dinner and Crowing Ceremony at Chef Patrick's Restaurant. Then comes the 10th Annual Holiday Parade of Lights! Starting at 7 pm. Enjoy the music and dance exhibition of the world cultures in this annual Russian River tradition. To participate in the Parade of Lights, download the application from and return to the Chamber Office by November 29th.

And one last note, take some time and stop by Twice Told books; inside Coffee Bazaar and say hello to the new owner Bill. Looks like he is going to be a great addition to the bibliophiles here on the River.

Of course you can always drop me a line at to let me know about anything going on that I should know about. Also tune into my Radio Show on KGGV 95.1 LP FM the Bridge every Sunday but the 4th of the month. (Online at for all things dishy and swishy on the River.


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